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Tourists wishing to enter Thailand must get a tourist visa. Most must apply to a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate prior to departure. However, the tourist visa exemption allows the citizens of over 40 countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, most European countries, Israel, Japan, Australian, New Zealand, and many Gulf States to enter and stay in the Thailand without a visa for up to 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, they must exit Thailand. Tourists under this exemption can return to Thailand under the tourist visa exemption, but only for a cumulative total of 90 days in any given six-month period. 

Citizens of 21 other countries may apply for visa on arrival, which allows them to stay for 15 days in Thailand.

Foreigners wishing to work or invest in Thailand, must apply for a non-immigrant visa B prior to arrival. They must then get a work permit before beginning to work in Thailand. Anyone wishing to enter Thailand for business purposes on a regular basis can apply for a Three-year Non-Immigrant Visa B. This allows multiple entries of up to 90 days each for three years. Want to spend a year experiencing all that Thailand has to offer? Anyone 50 years or older wishing to stay in Thailand for an extended period can apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa O (Long Stay). This allows you to live but not work in Thailand for up to one year. 

Ever thought of retirement in ThailandThailand retirement visa requirements differ slightly from long stay visas and are subject to change but worth looking into. Visitors wishing to attend school in Thailand must enter Thailand on a non-immigrant ED visa. Prior to applying for this visa, applicants must be approved by the Thai Ministry of Education and show proof of acceptance at a recognized Thai university or international school. Once approved, application for the visa must be made from abroad to the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate nearest you. Visa requirements can change, so check with the nearest Thai embassy or consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read More

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To work or invest in Thailand: non-immigrant visa B
For work permit mulitple-entry business visits: Three-year Non-Immigrant Visa B For retired, marriage or long stay: Non-Immigrant Visa O (Long Stay)

Once you’re accepted, your Thai university or international school will help you get your Non-Immigrant ED Visa. Contact Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate nearest you for more details.Visa requirements can change, so check with the nearest Thai embassy or consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read More.

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